Annual Student Jazz Band Festival returns in April

The 18th annual Student Jazz Band Festival returns April 10-12, hosted by the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame at historic LR Hall Auditorium.

Information on band signups and how you can attend can be found here.

This is a terrific event, and I promise you will be blown away by the talent of our students, and happy to know that jazz is alive and well, and in good hands. Come support our student musicians if you can!

The Minor High School band following their 2018 Student Jazz Band Festival performance

Jazz Hall Friends!

A quick reminder to join our mission, and become a Jazz Hall Friend! As a friend you will be supporting JazzHall radio and all the programs of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. It’s a charitable gift, but might also pay you back in tangible ways, beyond that good feeling of helping create the next generation of musicians. We’ll be giving away tickets, CDs and more to our Friends as they are available. And down the road, we’ll have special gatherings and ton of opportunities for you in our new space at the Carver Theatre. So get board while the gettin’ is good. Visit Jazz Hall Friends and choose the best membership level for you – a one-time or recurring gift at any amount. We’ll track cumulative giving and keep you in mind when we can give back!

Got music on the brainz?

If you listen to our station online, you know it’s a great way to find out the the name of the song and artist that’s currently playing, or recently played. (We’ll do a better job of that on the radio soon, I promise! We just need more peeps.)

You may have also noticed that occasionally you can see the album art of the record – though often you just see our logo because no art is available. Well I just found out why!

Our streaming provider (They’re great, Securenet Systems, FYI) now uses a new service to provide that data. A previous provider started charging for the service – basically selling our own data back to us. What?! But there’s this cool collective of music lovers at MusicBrainz that volunteers to find the album data and enter it in the database so we all can share it.

We love these folks who produce our streaming audio and mobile app!

So I’m going to pitch in and help enter some of our music. But since it’s open to all, I bet there are some jazz aficionados, or computer nerds, or jazz aficionado computer nerds, who would also love to help out! If so, take a look at How to Add Cover Art and see if you’d like to add your favorite music. It looks like it could be as simple as cutting and pasting an Amazon code.

So you’ll soon get to see more of those lovely album/CD covers when you’re hearing your tunes. Enjoy!